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Saturday, October 22, 2011

W4 - Final Project -Tessa Perlman

I used the emergent web 2.0 tool called  ANIMOTO. This emergent technology tool creates 30 second video clips, and the student may design from hundreds of different styles of themes. It is for all ages, and in my lesson I focused on my parental involvement with my daughter (Abby Perlman) at her school (Morganton Day School). Abby is a 4th grade student working on a project concerning the use of technology to share her story of debating why BIOMASS is a wonderful resource for energy.

The Purpose & Focus:
Is to educate the student to use ANIMOTO as a video resource, & share her experience on the web with her debate team & her audience.

To demonstrate the students ability to discuss what she learned on video and share it in a iMovie documentary style video for educational purposes. The student will explain and direct her animoto videos one, and  Animoto video two.

The student (Abby Perlman) will collaborate with her 7 peers using Animoto, she will communicate & share her experience on iMovie with parental involvement how she created her two separate videos.

As I reflect on this experience it was fun, creative, and educational for parents & students attending Morganton Day School. The experience is preparing these students for a 21st century education, and this school also just won a $50,000 dollar PEPSI technology grant. Without the parents, & wonderful school this project would not have been possible. Thank you Full Sail University for the assignment in my ETC class with Prof. Rena Hanaway, thank you PEPSI COLA, and thank you Morganton Day School!

The students have a class room wiki site where they converse, support, & share each others creative ideas. (MDS4thwikispaces) by invitation only via the schools technology department. This was the way we assessed, and we followed a rubric we created prior to the project.

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  1. I enjoyed how you put everything together. Animoto is a very useful tool. I would love to use this in my learning environment. You provided a lot of information and I'm sure the individuals who collaborated was very impressed with the procedures.