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Saturday, October 8, 2011

W2 - PE - imovie

I have enjoyed learning new features such as, adding music threads, ducking the background, splitting ends to my tracks, adding still photographs from iPhoto, and as I reflect I am proud of what I have produced this week. Over all, I am not as nervous using iMovie, and I am beginning to understand the software more. With time I will become more competent, and I will add more variety in the future. was the technology that inspired me to create the slide show/video of still shots. Next time instead of adding text for my narration, I am going to find some confidence in myself and use my voice over tool. I will write a script, and add my own voice over & apply ducking to reduce the musics audio from over powering my voice. The multiple intelligence theory is part of my action research  project that will define my graduate degree. I used to create my mind map. This visually explains Gardner's 8 multiple intelligence theories. By using this mind map I am understanding more & more about my students.

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