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Saturday, October 22, 2011

W4 - Final Project -Tessa Perlman

I used the emergent web 2.0 tool called  ANIMOTO. This emergent technology tool creates 30 second video clips, and the student may design from hundreds of different styles of themes. It is for all ages, and in my lesson I focused on my parental involvement with my daughter (Abby Perlman) at her school (Morganton Day School). Abby is a 4th grade student working on a project concerning the use of technology to share her story of debating why BIOMASS is a wonderful resource for energy.

The Purpose & Focus:
Is to educate the student to use ANIMOTO as a video resource, & share her experience on the web with her debate team & her audience.

To demonstrate the students ability to discuss what she learned on video and share it in a iMovie documentary style video for educational purposes. The student will explain and direct her animoto videos one, and  Animoto video two.

The student (Abby Perlman) will collaborate with her 7 peers using Animoto, she will communicate & share her experience on iMovie with parental involvement how she created her two separate videos.

As I reflect on this experience it was fun, creative, and educational for parents & students attending Morganton Day School. The experience is preparing these students for a 21st century education, and this school also just won a $50,000 dollar PEPSI technology grant. Without the parents, & wonderful school this project would not have been possible. Thank you Full Sail University for the assignment in my ETC class with Prof. Rena Hanaway, thank you PEPSI COLA, and thank you Morganton Day School!

The students have a class room wiki site where they converse, support, & share each others creative ideas. (MDS4thwikispaces) by invitation only via the schools technology department. This was the way we assessed, and we followed a rubric we created prior to the project.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

PE5 A web 2.0 tool I choose

Have you ever explained an assignment and your looking at your class and they are looking back at you "with the deer in the headlights look" ? So they need a visual, so give it to them.....


This was the homework assignment that was the prelude to the biomass debate. Ya know when they were looking at me like I was crazy. Before any discussions, research, Internet access, field trips........

It helps tremendously when you can show them a student's assignment from the previous year that did an extra great job. So your verbally explaining your directive, and showing the class a visual example they can relate to. The assignment had a 30 second rule, and the class was advised to not go over 30 seconds. This was really to help give them boundaries since they had no prior experience with editing. Music also was required, and if they did not enjoy the assignment they had to type their reasons why.

Another web 2.0 tool that you might prefer is if you need video editing, and the ability to make graphs & charts. I hope you found this helpful, and I look forward to any comments you have to offer to my blog.

PE 4 A new tool that compliments every lesson would be

MY LINK TO Stick_Pick_Video_Demo.html

Fellow teachers,
So who does not have a can of pop sickle sticks on their desk with each student's name on a stick? Have you ever had a student sneak & grab the stick with his name on it? Or her name without asking you first? Well, I have & that is how that student got one over on me. Yes, after an entire day I finally figured out that I had asked a.k.a. "Johnny" any questions all day long. So if you by this app, and put it on your iphone, ipad, or ipod you will not have to keep up with who you missed, and who stole their stick! The application also tracks the correct answers, and what you might want to review if the answers were not up to par. Because the application tracked every students answers, this tool helped me to assess who comprehended the lesson. It also helped me understand which students required more  1- on - 1 time and extra re-direction. Teaching debate strategies to 4th grade students concerning bio diversity requires organization. This Stick Pick application helped me direct the debate, deliver questions between students who were proving their point through discussion based on evidence. Also we debated who proved their data by discussing the facts they gathered during personal interviews at the local nuclear power plant, (a recent field trip). The debate was leveled by grade, then we progressed to individual winners who continued to debate their findings & data.  So here is a link, & I strongly urge you to invest in this app & who doesn't need an ipod at the bare minimum? I mean seriously ..... my mom even has one!

LINK to stickpick

W3 RILS Research - Practical Experience implementation video

My LINK to my W4 RILS (Relevant Innovative Learning Scenarios Video)

My target audience is elementary age students, and their parents by using technology.  Materials will be extensive, ipads, ipods, smart board, document camera, projector, clickers, cameras, h d video flip cameras, mac book pro, adobe photoshop, iMovie, and wifi. The app is called Stick Pick, and it goes far beyond the old fashioned can of sticks. I learned about this app from a peer on my Full Sail University graduate studies team Cynthia Mandanski). When a teacher makes a stick for a student, she can assign the appropriate level of Bloom's questioning for the student's ability. When the teacher taps or shakes the can, a name randomly is chosen. When the student's name is selected, there are appropriate Bloom's question starters ready to go. Taking it even further, the teacher can record to what level the student answered the question (1-5). The following rubric is used in Stick Pick to apply appropriate objectives:
Bloom's & Bloom’s Revised: After selecting “correct,” “incorrect,” or “opinion,” a 5-point "Critical Thinking Rubric" will appear on the screen. Rate the student’s response from 0-5. The choices are:
0= No Response;
1= Shows No Understanding;
2 = Partial Understanding;
3 = Adequate Understanding;
4 = Clear & Accurate;
5 = Insightful & Confident
This can be useful for ongoing, formative assessments. At the end of each day, the teacher has the ability to search the student rosters to determine how many questions each student answered, and how well each student answered. This information is valuable for data-driven instruction.

The app itself is fun to use. The graphics are bright and clear. The sound effects make it really come to life. It is simple and straightforward. Teachers even have the option to randomly OR intentionally draw a student's stick from the can. I have this app downloaded on my iPhone, and the stick can be drawn with a swipe, tap, or shake. It is exciting for the kids to see. After the question is answered, the teacher can place the stick back in the can to use again, or can be placed in the "used" can. You have to use tthis app on a apple product, (ipad, iphone, ipod). It will not run on a mac book.

I plan on using this application with my elementary age students in small groups of 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students learning to debate. I have created a thematic unit based on new energy resources of power. Solar power, wind power, and bio diverse power are what the students are going to debate. The following video will give you a taste of multiple age groups supporting each other through this process. The students discuss, compliment, and follow through with social networking using the school’s face book site, and classroom wiki pages. Further reflection is shown by students using  via i Movie to compliment and  explain what they have learned using videography. Each student will find stock photography images to help develop their personal vision concerning renewable energy resources.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

PE3 _ iMovie

After watching my lynda video tutorials I received my certificate. It was nice that each individual clip was short, around 3 to 9 min.clips. The lessons proved to help me use iMovie with greater ease. I could watch the video tutorial at the same time I worked on my current movie. I did not get my certificate immediately. I had to re-watch several videos in section/chapter 5 because I was not given credit the first time. This was a good review, but it did delay the deliver of my certificate. Customer & technical support redirected me with instructions to see that I did finish my assignment.

PE2_ iMovie "Ducking Audio"

I know what your thinking, what the heck is ducking? It's not when somebody wants you to not get your head knocked off so you squat really fast like on action movies....... It's when  you go to Full Sail University and you get assigned home work to make a movie using your cool new Mac Book Pro (deigned by the "god" of technology STEVE JOBS, former C.E.O. of Apple). So you have to do this in a software program called iMovie and this is a screenshot above of what I just designed. I decided instead of just a simple slide show, I wanted to add two different types of music. So I did, and one is an overlay on top of another. To get rid of the back ground noise I used ducking, and I learned how to do this by using my epass in our schools online library ( I love my homework, and i love shooting movies. The tutorials were very clear, and I could do my assignment while listening to the tutorial at the same time. It's like when you watch a cooking show simultaneously while you cook in your kitchen to Paula Dean on the food network. But if you don't want to eat the entire stick of butter, you don't have to. You just tweek and bend and play with your iMovie as much, or as little in your background noise as you want using "ducking". And it doesn't even quack! Night y'all, and hope you have a great Monday!

PE1 __ iMovie

This is a link to a comment I posted on Cynthia Mandanski's blog, and I wanted to write about our common interests.....

I just want to say I am inspired once again by how professional Cynthia Mandanski is. She has explained, shared, and assisted me every week in our studies at Full Sail University. One thing we both agreed on this week is we both love our membership that we use at Instead of having to buy another text book, we were assigned to watch 3 hours and 28 mins. of tutorial videos. I know what your thinking, that is a bunch to watch at one time. But it wasn't that bad, and you can watch a few come back later and watch a few more, etc. The were usually 5 mins. at a time, and at the longest 9 mins. so you were not lost or bored by the video tutorial. The educator, Garrick Chow used his own footage to teach with and the surfers were interesting to watch. So from a learning stand point it worked for me.

Now what I want to know is why in the heck didn't we get this assignment in month one? I really could have used this assignment sooner rather than later. If anybody can explain this to me, I would really appreciate it. I don't want to think what I am thinking anymore...... But thank you Full Sail University for your epass instead of another text book. This is a ton of fun to learn this way!   

BP4 My review of iMovie

My review of iMovie is based on my learning curve of the software program. Having access to tutorials made my assignment less stressful. I wish we as grad. Students in the EMDT program would’ve had the option to take this course first. If we had allowed this option our portfolio would be so much more organized. With this organization we would be seen from the public eye as a more professional and polished student body. If I would’ve had the opportunity to watch these tutorials in month one who knows how much better my previous movies might have been? My assignments using iMovie would have been so much better than they were.  I would not have beaten my head against my desk so often. Seriously, this class has taught me so much that I can use. Now I can really take iMovie seriously because I can use it. I can make visually professional movies I can use in my classroom with my students.  Before I would spend hours trying to figure out what the heck to do with my clips. Now I can reduce background distractions in audio with the “ducking” feature & I really love this. Lots of times in the past I needed this because my voice would become lost. Adding still photography shots & slide shows is another new thing for me. But now I understand how to create this. Before that was not an option for me to be able to figure out…… I would just give up after an hour of effort and aggravation. The reason I am excited about this is I can create a Claymation movie from my 4 year old students creations. We can make stages for our clay creatures with paper, gator core, and foam core sets. Sculpture and three-dimensional forms is going to be a new experience for them. Usually we paint and cut out our art, and we make mobiles. Sometimes we tie in our art lessons to our letter of the week, and painting makes the phonics fun, and kinesthetic awareness. Regardless, I have continued to grow and learn using technology via I will review these at times when individualized assignments present themselves in my future assignments. Thank you Garrick Chow for your tutorials, and thank you Steve Jobs for creating & directing my awesome online grad. School. Full Sail University will not be the same without you…….     

Rest in Peace

Words from Steve Jobs from a you tube interview at a Ivy League school last year:     No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don't want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life's change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is quite true.”

Saturday, October 8, 2011

BP6 - Justin Fishel's blog & my reply post

My link & screenshot of Justin Fishel's certificate from

CONGRATS! Justin your dedication shows and I hope your newly remodeled home is painless and without any construction issues.


W2 - PE - imovie

I have enjoyed learning new features such as, adding music threads, ducking the background, splitting ends to my tracks, adding still photographs from iPhoto, and as I reflect I am proud of what I have produced this week. Over all, I am not as nervous using iMovie, and I am beginning to understand the software more. With time I will become more competent, and I will add more variety in the future. was the technology that inspired me to create the slide show/video of still shots. Next time instead of adding text for my narration, I am going to find some confidence in myself and use my voice over tool. I will write a script, and add my own voice over & apply ducking to reduce the musics audio from over powering my voice. The multiple intelligence theory is part of my action research  project that will define my graduate degree. I used to create my mind map. This visually explains Gardner's 8 multiple intelligence theories. By using this mind map I am understanding more & more about my students.

BP5 My link to Jena's certificate

My comment to Jena Wyat  on her blog titled: Are There 
Cows In France?

Please check out my comment on Jena's blog concerning her recent
assignment. Way to go Jena!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

BP2 - iGoogle PLE (personal learning environment)

Above you will find my multiple gadgets that help me navigate where I  find myself  the most often, linked in, twitter,, EMDT LR guide, AR wordpress, EMDT AR home, EMDT mentor site,  google +, google docs, and my gmail account.  

When I think of web 2.0 now I think about web portal enabled classrooms and new media implemented by institutions that do not embrace classrooms. Environments where classrooms are uncomfortable, reading assignments that are not relevant, and sometimes biased do not interest todays 21st century students. Basically being human is all about learning, trusting authority for good information, and discussing this process. If you don’t your not acquiring what you need to discover in order to learn. Usually the web crushes the ideas that are derived from negative assumptions.   I like this quote from Marshall McLuban: “Look at the present through a rear-view mirror, march backwards into the future.
I learned the word hyperlinking means information can be shared by multiple sites like Diigo, and ……. And in 1948 the 3rd major TV network was started up and the name was ABC. If I was guessing I would’ve thought it was older than 1948.
I like the definition of Semantic: it is a meaningful concept of a word, or an idea not for what it is, but how it relates, connects, and contrasts with other words, concepts, and ideas. Also I found another interesting quote from Barbara Harrell Carson: “Students learn what they care about, from people they care about, and who they know care about them.” So now web 2.0 means engaged two-way interactions that a portal connects information to we the people to disperse it. Web 2.0 tools collaborate people who can socially participate using these web 2.0 applications. I know I enjoy the versatile freedom of virtual college courses more than the 2010 degree I obtained by sitting in classrooms with my former cohort.

P.S.     If anybody can pass along the missing links to the box of links assignment I will rub your feet later, because this is driving me nuts! I have the creating ripples link, but I need the ETC YOUTUBE CHANNEL link. I have no idea what I need to do here. Thanks in advance for your time. Specifically for our PLE on iGoogle, the ETC resources box of links.....

Tessa  Perlman