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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BP3 - Web 2.0 Tools - and and

So I want to tell you about     and how much I enjoy using it! I love how you can change the fonts and play with the colors. It is very user friendly, and your students will enjoy being creative in a way with words like you have never seen before. This is a unique experience, and I think you should assign it when ever new vocabulary seems appropriate. I would like to start a new club for students interested in ART! This wordle could create a design competition as inspiration for our new art club t-shirts. The t-shirt design competition art board from wordle could be photographed and promoted on a school website. Voting could inspire the competition for the best "t-shirt" design, and students could tally the votes. The winner will be awarded art supplies, & a grant should be written to promote the new ART CLUB for the school. Blogs could generate critiques that children write about the designs from wordle that they prefer and why they feel the way they do. Aesthetics is part of the critiques that will promote growth from a student who is developing their personal vision in art. 

Another new web 2.0 tool I appreciate and will use in my classroom is ...... Because every child has a story and it is the very first writing APP that has background pages that implements color theory designed background pages. You can also allow for your students to read other students published pages on tikatok..... Kids can incorporate the majority rules voting/social studies goals & objectives for your state. By publishing your child's writing you are building their confidence, and the experience is priceless! The way you supplement positive experiences will only help the way they learn, and sharing this via the internet is the best way to provide 21st century learners a relationship with other students around the world. Well, why not? Thats what I want to do! Follow me on and my user name is becre8tivPerlman................ See ya soon!


Tessa Perlman 

Monday, September 26, 2011


My blog will allow my creativity to show through for my Emergent Technologies course. I am currently working on my formal education online. I selected Full Sail University for the incredible opportunities the Educational Media Design Technology Masters program has to offer. I have discovered some amazing new tools I want to share with you. You can use these complimentary tools to teach via technology, and your students will love you for it!  - (wonderful mind maps)  imovie & garage band for podcasts that have video or just audio only...... and if you can, please find a way to try COMIC LIFE, because I really love how this software lends its self to be very creative & user friendly....

I found my inspiration from my daughter, for going back to school for the 3rd time. This 3rd degree has proven to be enjoyable, challenging, and educational all at the same time! My nine year old above on the left told me: "Mom you can do it! If I can ride Sugar and fall off and get back on and fall off and get back on...... You can go back to college."  So thats what I did, I took advice from my nine year old 4th grade daughter.  (C:  And I have no regrets!