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Monday, April 9, 2012

Month 7 MTA

My tasks are not finished for my capstone research project because I am in the process of a very unexpected divorce. My 15 year relationship to my husband is now a legal separation, and I do not see any alternative other than divorce. With that being said, my tasks are not finished for my Capstone research project (yet).

I am evaluating my original proposal and I am going to change my completion dates to coordinate with the next school year for 2012-2013. I will re-orientate myself to what I am planning to implement with clear understandable responses.

Am I still on target? Not as closely on target as I originally proposed. Why? Mainly because I no longer have my original co-Hort. My original team was a group of professionals that will not be replaced easily.

I have analyze my hurdles, and what has re-directed my capstone the most is court dates for my divorce. This personal process is an emotional roller coaster and, and I am dealing with it day-by-day. Our 9 year old daughter is caught in the middle sometimes, and I have to put my daughter first. And my health has not been as perfect as I would like since dealing with moving all the contents of a 15 year marriage out of our former residence.

I am addressing each assignment with focus with the best of my abilities. I am not currently willing to accept the postponement of my implementation.

If I do postpone my implementation I think it will only be delayed by one summer (3 months).

I am going to try to be finished by month 9 but my personal endeavors (divorce) may prevent this from happening.

EMDT- grad. student
Tessa Houck Perlman