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Saturday, October 15, 2011

PE5 A web 2.0 tool I choose

Have you ever explained an assignment and your looking at your class and they are looking back at you "with the deer in the headlights look" ? So they need a visual, so give it to them.....


This was the homework assignment that was the prelude to the biomass debate. Ya know when they were looking at me like I was crazy. Before any discussions, research, Internet access, field trips........

It helps tremendously when you can show them a student's assignment from the previous year that did an extra great job. So your verbally explaining your directive, and showing the class a visual example they can relate to. The assignment had a 30 second rule, and the class was advised to not go over 30 seconds. This was really to help give them boundaries since they had no prior experience with editing. Music also was required, and if they did not enjoy the assignment they had to type their reasons why.

Another web 2.0 tool that you might prefer is if you need video editing, and the ability to make graphs & charts. I hope you found this helpful, and I look forward to any comments you have to offer to my blog.

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