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Sunday, October 2, 2011

BP2 - iGoogle PLE (personal learning environment)

Above you will find my multiple gadgets that help me navigate where I  find myself  the most often, linked in, twitter,, EMDT LR guide, AR wordpress, EMDT AR home, EMDT mentor site,  google +, google docs, and my gmail account.  

When I think of web 2.0 now I think about web portal enabled classrooms and new media implemented by institutions that do not embrace classrooms. Environments where classrooms are uncomfortable, reading assignments that are not relevant, and sometimes biased do not interest todays 21st century students. Basically being human is all about learning, trusting authority for good information, and discussing this process. If you don’t your not acquiring what you need to discover in order to learn. Usually the web crushes the ideas that are derived from negative assumptions.   I like this quote from Marshall McLuban: “Look at the present through a rear-view mirror, march backwards into the future.
I learned the word hyperlinking means information can be shared by multiple sites like Diigo, and ……. And in 1948 the 3rd major TV network was started up and the name was ABC. If I was guessing I would’ve thought it was older than 1948.
I like the definition of Semantic: it is a meaningful concept of a word, or an idea not for what it is, but how it relates, connects, and contrasts with other words, concepts, and ideas. Also I found another interesting quote from Barbara Harrell Carson: “Students learn what they care about, from people they care about, and who they know care about them.” So now web 2.0 means engaged two-way interactions that a portal connects information to we the people to disperse it. Web 2.0 tools collaborate people who can socially participate using these web 2.0 applications. I know I enjoy the versatile freedom of virtual college courses more than the 2010 degree I obtained by sitting in classrooms with my former cohort.

P.S.     If anybody can pass along the missing links to the box of links assignment I will rub your feet later, because this is driving me nuts! I have the creating ripples link, but I need the ETC YOUTUBE CHANNEL link. I have no idea what I need to do here. Thanks in advance for your time. Specifically for our PLE on iGoogle, the ETC resources box of links.....

Tessa  Perlman

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