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Sunday, October 9, 2011

PE3 _ iMovie

After watching my lynda video tutorials I received my certificate. It was nice that each individual clip was short, around 3 to 9 min.clips. The lessons proved to help me use iMovie with greater ease. I could watch the video tutorial at the same time I worked on my current movie. I did not get my certificate immediately. I had to re-watch several videos in section/chapter 5 because I was not given credit the first time. This was a good review, but it did delay the deliver of my certificate. Customer & technical support redirected me with instructions to see that I did finish my assignment.


  1. I hope that you got things figured out with the certificate issue. That does seem weird though that it would say that you are not complete and have viewed all of the necessary areas.

  2. Thank you Dara, It was weird & I asked our professor for help. She advised me to not stress over the small stuff, but to ask cust. support & tech. support for help. So I did & everything turned out ok. Thank you for your concern.