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Sunday, November 6, 2011

BP4 -November/2011 250 word review of a tool

Emergent web 2.0 tools are based on a foundation to start a relationship between individuals. The best one that comes to my mind I have found recently is - This app is an emergent web 2.0 tool that you can only use on your iPhone or iPad. It will not work on your mac book pro.  How many of you rely on pop sickle sticks to call on your class. Then some student ironically hides a few sticks, and you don’t realize it until the end of the day! Well, here is how you can utilize your time and manage your classroom with greater efficiency. It tells you who has how many correct, who has and has not been called on, and who you need to re-teach if needed. Now I think this is the best organizationally app I have found this month. I hope you try it too!

Fellow teachers,
So who does not have a can of pop sickle sticks on their desk with each student's name on a stick? Have you ever had a student sneak & grab the stick with his name on it? Well, I have & that is how that student got one over on me. Yes, after an entire day I finally figured out that I had asked a.k.a. "Johnny" any questions all day long. So if you by this app, and put it on your iphone, ipad, or ipod you will not have to keep up with who you missed, and who stole their stick! The application also tracks the correct answers, and what you might want to review if the answers were not up to par. Because the application tracked every students answers, this tool helped me to assess who comprehended the lesson. It also helped me understand which students required more  1- on - 1 time and extra re-direction. Teaching debate strategies to 4th grade students concerning bio diversity requires organization. This Stick Pick application helped me direct the debate, deliver questions between students who were proving their point through discussion based on evidence. Also we debated who proved their data by discussing the facts they gathered during personal interviews at the local nuclear power plant, (a recent field trip). The debate was leveled by grade, then we progressed to individual winners who continued to debate their findings & data.  So here is a link, & I strongly urge you to invest in this app & who doesn't need an ipod at the bare minimum? I mean seriously ..... my mom even has one!

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  1. Tessa,

    Nice review of tool that just about any teacher can use. I think it also helps to address the equality in the classroom in a way rather than just calling on those who raise their hand to participate.